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Got a website but not sure how to make it profitable?

Want to increase traffic and take visitors to the next level?

Using social media but not quite sure how or why?


GOLF MARKETING can answer these and other questions about online marketing.

We can HELP YOU:

  • Get to page 1 of Google
  • Triple traffic to your website
  • Attract customers and increase sales
  • Leverage your promotions
  • Measure results
  • Identify goals
  • Equip your people
  • Save time and money


With UNIQUE INDUSTRY EXPERTISE in the Australian golf business we will provide a 2-hour online marketing strategy session for an agreed fee, which will:

  • Evaluate your online presence and content
    • Website
    • Traffic drivers
    • Email marketing
    • Video marketing
    • Social media platforms

Three days post-consultation our emailed checklist report will help you to see the next steps in your company’s online strategy.

  • Listing imperatives to hit your target market
  • Recommending goals, tools, longer-term strategy and future metrics.

In addition, GOLF MARKETING will:

  • Provide ongoing support via Skype or email
  • Provide a three month follow-up to check activity and applaud successes
  • Give you a Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with the report – no questions asked.

GOLF MARKETING is offering you expert analysis on your business for a one-off, agreed price. No tricks, no hidden costs – just a fantastic investment with a full money-back guarantee.

You win with no risk!

The only risk is in not acting now – the longer you wait to ask the hard questions about your online presence, the further ahead your competition will be.

If you’re not effectively reaching your target customers, someone else is!