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Hire or Contract Your Marketing Department

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This article is repost from the Hubspot blog, I’m a great fan of info graphics so couldn’t resisit reporting this one.hire vs contract marketing

As a small business marketing agency we see the decision process in action with prospects who decide to use us to outsource their marketing and this info graphic captures the essence of how they come to make the right decision.

Our clients are all passionate small business owners, who are excellent at what they do, but not so excellent at getting the message out about what they do. If they have a grounding in marketing, then they are often too busy running their business to really be effective marketeers. That’s where hiring a marketing consultant or small business marketing expert can help.

A Harvard Business Review survey recently stated that 53% of executives plan to outsource their marketing. (tweet this stat) It can be a sensible choice, with so many marketing channels available for businesses today, ensuring you a specialist on your team for each area can prove to be expensive, especially if that specialist is on the full time payroll.

This info graphic from Mavenlink guides you through making the right decision to ensure that outsourcing to a marketing consultant is the best choice for your business.