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Not sure what to do online in regards to your Business or Website?
It’s a mess out there with SEO constantly changing, over 80 Social Media Channels and your website that simply does not get traffic..
Being on page 1 of Google can triple your website traffic, attract Customers and increase sales. But how do you get there, and quick?
Thinking of Running a promotion? Find out how to leverage your promotion to achieve maximum measurable results.

What about communicating with your Club Members or Social Golfers? Let us tell you how to and how often you should, and also the cheapest and most effective way.
Golf Marketing will evaluate your online presence, including your website, traffic drivers, email marketing, video marketing and social media platforms. You’ll get a checklist report and show you how to become more efficient online and help you maximize results!
The goal of this session is to provide you and/or your team guidance in regards to developing an online marketing strategy, and an action plan to take your online marketing to the next level. Your 2 hour online marketing strategy session will include:
• Helping you identifying or create personal/company goals in regards to your Website.
• Discussion of how to attract your target market with your current marketing and online marketing.
• Content Attraction: How to develop engaging content for maximum leverage and sales.
• How to generate more traffic to your websites and social accounts.
• How to get your customers coming back and developing your client database.
• Recommendation of marketing strategies for you to implement.
• A written strategy report will be emailed 3 days post consultation outlining a marketing strategy, recommendations and suggested online tools to assist you in your online marketing and action plans.
• Includes unlimited support on Skype or email.
• Golf Marketing will also do a 3 month follow up to check activity and solve any issues if any.
• We will show you tools that will save you time and money!
This service is a Money Back Guarantee. If you are simply not happy with the report or our findings, tell us and we will refund your money – NO questions asked!

Here’s what you get:
• A Custom report of your website
• Your current Social Media activity
• An honest insight report and recommendations of your Golf Business and current activities
• Your Current SEO rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing
• A Tailor made Online Marketing strategy for SEO, Social Media and Email Marketing
• Access to any recommended SEO, Email Marketing and Social Media tools with guidelines
• A 3 month follow up by Golf Marketing
• Unlimited ongoing support to answer any questions, supplier disputes etc.

STOP wasting your time thinking you can do it yourself! Do you have the right staff? Do they have the right tools? Will they guarantee results or just do what you tell them?
The more you wait the further ahead your competition will be and the more money they will make whilst you will have lost more!